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bespoke 100% Cotton Scarves

Pure Cotton Scarf
There are many advantages to wearing a cotton scarf because it does not shrink hair or skin. It gives the hair and skin plenty of room to breathe. Cotton has a natural filter to prevent dust and fine particles, but allows fresh air in.
The Square scarf was made for a Kazakhstan customer. Their City is dry and has much dust. Cotton scarf can prevent the dust well. And at the same time, can be good accessory. Normally we do hand hem from front side to back side, but her scarf do Reverse Hand hem, which is from back side to front side, in Hermes way. And another special craft, named tassel. Firstly , we collect colorful threads then tie them together, at last, we sew them on scarf corners. Not only on four corners, we also can sew tassels all around the scarf , but with shorter threads. This makes scarves looks special and elegant.

Client: Scarves for British Company
Price: 2.6-3$
MOQ: 50 pieces/design
Size: 30*140cm
Fabric: 100% cotton bespoke 100% Cotton Scarves

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